At Belay Software we think technology is supposed to enrich and make peoples lives more organized and less stressful. Unfortunately what has happened is the exact opposite, computers and their software programs cause people more frustration and anxiety than ever before. Our philosophy is quite simple:

I. If we include you in the design
 • The system is built to your specifications (what makes sense to you).
 • You will already be familiar with the software the day it goes live.

II. If we provide you with solutions that fit your exact needs
 • Your software will not do things you do not need, making is less confusing.
 • By building software to suit, it will be less complex.
 • The less complex something is the less likely it is to break.

III. If we give you ownership
 • You own it forever and grows with you and your needs.
 • There are no 10 page EULA’s to read and accept or any other restrictions of use.
 • The software does not do anything behind your back or spy on you.
 • It can be changed and modified at your leisure by anyone you choose (not just us).

We also try to avoid impractical or overly expensive solutions. Here is a comparison to illustrate our point:

We need to travel from point A: to point B: The distance between the two places is 30 miles. We decide to build a space shuttle, launch ourself into orbit and then land back down at our destination. Although we did accomplish the task it was a complete waste of time, money and resources. We could have used a truck, car or even a bicycle (if we wanted the added benefit of exercise), any of which would have been more appropriate in this example.

Computer software is no different. We have worked with many companies who have bought software way beyond any need they will ever have and it has cost them fortune to use and maintain. Today there are many inexpensive and free solutions out there that can be leveraged to solve your needs. Operating systems, office suites, and database programs come in all flavors today and they are very mature and robust. While there was a time when using FOSS1 meant instability and making sacrifices, this is no longer the case.