Building Administrative Software Essentials (BASE):

The BASE program is a management software suite of modules we created from the ground up and offer to organizations in a software as a service (SaaS) usage model.

It is intended large multi-unit buildings with one design goal in mind, to inform the building manager(s) and maintenance staff on the status and upkeep of the entire building quickly and accurately. This information can then be presented to the Board of Directors, committee heads or designated individual members so that everyone can make informed, educated and cost saving decisions for the organization as a whole. It will also simplify and combine multiple individual management processes that take place in the organization to relieve the workload and complexity of the staff’s day to day functions, allowing them to spend more time assisting the individual members.

There are five separate modules that comprise the BASE software program. By using all the modules in conjunction with each other, information can be shared between them.