F.A.Q’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Nobody responded to my email/letter/voice mail
A: All communications are responded too, even if it is only to say “No Thank You”. If you did not receive a response within 2 BUSINESS days it might have been missed, forgotten about or went into our junkmail/spam folder or yours, please try again.

Q: What do you pay your employees?
A: We typically pay our normal staff members 65% of the billable hourly rate. This gives us 10% to cover some unforseen costs that may come up during the project and leaves 25% for profit. New team members get paid slightly less until they have proven their salt (completed a few projects).

Q: How long has Belay Software been around?
A: 12 Years. Recurve Software LLC (our trade (DBA) name is Belay Software) was incorporated in 2009.

Q: What does the word ‘Belay’ in Belay Software stand for?
A: Belay is a rock climbing term. It means to support someone during their ascent, which is hopefully what can also provide for you and/or your company.

Q: What type of work dont you do?
A: We do not take on projects that are political, religious or adult themed in nature.

Q: Can you name some of your competitors so we can check their pricing?
A: Of course: The Nerdery and Creed Interactive. They are both larger than us but offer similar services.

Q: When can you start working on my project?
A: From our first meeting to the start date of the project is typically 1-2 months.

Q: ‘I have an emergency!’ or ‘I need to start the project tomorrow!’
A: Not a problem, but it is most likely going to be more expensive.

Q: What is your logo?
A: Originally it was the letter Y in Belay, but people started calling us ‘Bela’ Software because they didn’t get it. It also looks like a hummingbird, so we just moved it to the front of our name.

Q: Do you take online payments?
A: Not at the moment. We don’t mind waiting for the check in the mail. Giving the credit card companies 3% of our income add up to a lot of money at the end of the year. We are considering accepting digital (CRYPTO) currency in the near future.

Q: Where is your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (and 100 others) page links?
A: Sorry, We do not involve/promote our business on ‘Social Media’ sites.