With years of experience developing online applications, Belay has evolved a methodology that keeps a project on track while lending us the flexibility to incorporate user feedback into everything we do.

The cornerstone of the Belay philosophy is Active Prototyping – the art and science of breaking a big problem into smaller, manageable solutions. We have noticed that most great ideas happen during the development of an application, and Active Prototyping leaves room for this natural evolution to occur on a frequent basis. We do not always work from specification documents, and our project timelines are intentionally conservative to encourage your involvement in the application as it is created. You – the end user – become an important member of the development team.

We typically work 2-3 days a week on each project to allow you time to work and play with the application as it is being built. This gives you the opportunity to properly interact with the system and understand how it works from the ground up – which means you’ll have the knowledge to make the key decisions needed for a successful outcome.

We always try to error on the side of safety. What we mean is that if there are two ways to handle a situation, we will take the tried and true method over some new or unknown/untested solution. When you give us a specific functionality requirement, we will try to provide you with as many options as possible but we will always recommend the most widely accepted solution. You don’t have to agree any recommendation we suggest, it is your software and you can have it built however you like. We will try to tell you any risks involved if you want an alterantive solution to a common issue.

Throughout the process of working together we get to know our clients style and preferences. There are usually times during a project when we need to make some assumptions about some items. We always consider how it affects each particular client before we make a decision. We will also try not to implement anything that is outside of your comfort zone or if we do, we will walk you through it until you are comfortable.