Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does your website look like an old declassified military press release from Roswell (minus the redacted parts)?
A: Our website is for mainly for informative purposes and does not require a lot of distractions or unnecessary eye-candy. We also use a very common and traditional monospace font called 'Courier' which was the font for all IBM typewriters for quite some time.

Q: Nobody responded to my email/letter/voice mail
A: All communications are responded too, even if it is only to say "No Thank You". If you did not receive a response within 2 BUSINESS days it might have been missed, forgotten about or went into our junkmail/spam folder or yours, please try again.

Q: What do you pay your employees?
A: We typically pay our normal staff members 65% of the billable hourly rate. This gives us 10% to cover some unforseen costs that may come up during the project and leaves 25% for profit. New team members get paid slightly less until they have proven their salt (completed a few projects).

Q: How long has Belay Software been around?
A: 7 Years. Recurve Software LLC (our trade (DBA) name is Belay Software) was incorporated in 2009.

Q: What does the word 'Belay' in Belay Software stand for?
A: Belay is a rock climbing term. It means to support someone during their ascent, which is hopefully what can also provide for you and/or your company.

Q: What type of work dont you do?
A: We do not take on projects that are political, religious or adult themed in nature.

Q: Can you name some of your competitors so we can check their pricing?
A: Of course: The Nerdery and Creed Interactive. They are both larger than us but offer similar services.

Q: When can you start working on my project?
A: From our first meeting to the start date of the project is typically 1-2 months.

Q: 'I have an emergency!' or 'I need to start the project tomorrow!'
A: Not a problem, but it is most likely going to be more expensive.

Q: What is your logo?
A: Originally it was the letter Y in Belay, but people started calling us 'Bela' Software because they didn't get it. It also looks like a hummingbird, so we just moved it to the front of our name.

Q: Do you take online payments?
A: Not at the moment (click the Visa link on the top right corner of any page to find out why).

Q: Where is your Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (and 100 others) page links?
A: Sorry, We do not involve/promote our business on 'Social Media' sites.

Q: If you did work for us and everyone in your company died in a plane crash what would we do?
A: Every client gets a three ring binder that includes any documentation we drafted as well as all their sensitive access codes. You would simply hand this book over to your next IT support company and they can take it from there.