We are Belay

Belay is a software development company. We develop products and help others design/improve theirs.


Domain focused library for CouchDB

We wrote Hammock as a .NET CouchDB library modeled directly on NHibernate which strives for much of the same functionality while avoiding the vast complexity of mapping object data to a relational system.

Together with the powerful Couch database that it interacts with, Hammock runs most of the software we write at Belay. It provides zero configuration access to domain objects and has a simple and straightforward query syntax.



Over the years, we have helped a variety of companies with the design and development of their products.

To make something truly great, every discipline - design, engineering, marketing - has to be involved from a product's conception to its release and beyond. We love being part of that process, and to get a chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry.


If you're going to change the world and think we can help, do let us know.


Mobile(UI) for Arenas


The FanConNet project was to develop a mobile UI for a web based SaaS program that allowed fans to view, order and prepay stadium vendors for their food and merchandise transactions and have it delivered to their seat location.


Secure Mobile VPN

WiTopia PersonalVPN™

A leading security focused VPN provider needed help bringing to market a dedicated iPhone, iPad, and Android VPN client that could integrate into their worldwide network of access points. Now their 75,000 international customers can instantly connect their mobile device to the nearest (or farthest!) VPN access point from airports, hotels, and coffee shops around the world.


Medical Wellness Program

Medforma Health Portrait™

As an existing provider of a Corporate Wellness package, Medforma needed to take extra care that when they expanded their service offerings to include lower cost, self managed programs. We stepped in to add functionality, like social networking style feeds, interactive journaling, and a comprehensive HR dashboard all while ensuring that their carefully designed brand standard was maintained.



Our team crafts intelligent, impactful solutions to challenging software problems. With experts in large integrations, user interface design and quality assurance, you can trust us with your vision. If you're considering starting a software development project, require assistance or support on a current project, please contact us for more information about our services.

We have a broad and diverse set of skills and experience, so it is highly likely that we have developers who are qualified to work on your project. However, our goal during the discovery process is to select clients with whom we can work for effectively and efficiently. If we do not think we are a good fit for your project, we will tell you that directly and offer some other options that may be better suited to your needs.

How we work

With years of experience developing online applications, Belay has evolved a methodology that keeps a project on track while lending us the flexibility to incorporate user feedback into everything we do.

Active Prototyping

The cornerstone of the Belay philosophy is Active Prototyping - the art and science of breaking a big problem into smaller, manageable solutions. We've noticed that most great ideas happen during the development of an application, and Active Prototyping leaves room for this natural evolution to occur on a frequent basis. We don't work from specification documents, and our project timelines are intentionally conservative to encourage your involvement in the application as it is created. You - the end user - become an important member of the development team.

Responsible Pace

We typically work 2-3 days a week on each project to allow you time to work and play with the application as it's being built. This gives you the opportunity to properly interact with the system and understand how it works from the ground up - which means you'll have the knowledge to make the key decisions needed for a successful outcome.


If you're interested in our assistance on your software project please do get in touch!


Belay is a privately held software company, founded in 2009. We work in small teams that bring a big impact to all your applications. Instead of providing cookie-cutter solutions that ignore the needs of you or your customers, we offer intelligent interfaces that place the emphasis on user experience and satisfaction. By working closely with your team throughout the development process, we make sure that you'll have all the skills and training you need to administer and maintain your new systems.


Belay is hiring. See our jobs page for current vacancies and to learn what it's like to work here.


Anthony Sather
Before starting Belay, Anthony made a career in the IT industry after getting his first 'real' computer (8088, Monochrome, dual 5.25 drives) in the 1980's. He is a constant advocate of buisness and performance improvement through the proper use of technology.
Nick Nystrom
Nick constantly reviews all code here at Belay. He mentors the developers and ensures their code is efficient, follows our corporate standards and is not needlessly over complicated. He also supports mature FOSS software implementations when applicable.